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Camping in Italy I CampGo

Beach on the Adriatic, wine and culture in Tuscany or relax on Lake Garda!

Camping dreams in Italy - from the Alps to the sea

  • Child-friendly atmosphere
  • Beach or pool, sun and lots of Dolce Vita
  • From large holiday park with water slides and golf course to small camping farms

In Bella Italia you will find everything you need for a successful family holiday. The campsites on the Upper Italian lakes, on the Adriatic coast and in Tuscany offer pool and sports fun, culture and culinary delights - combined with many games and club offers for the "Bambini". Whether you are looking for a large 4-star course with rapid water slides or a small family-run camping park: look forward to a relaxed, natural atmosphere. Here all family members can decide every day anew what they feel like doing. Kids usually quickly find companions, board and ball sports, fields and pool worlds. Please remember that in many pool paradises shorts are not allowed for hygienic reasons. You have to wear "real" swimming trunks or swimsuits/bikinis. Swim caps are also often mandatory. You can find more information on the campsite pages.

You can walk to the camping site in the evenings like in a small village...

... to enjoy pasta, pizza or gelato under the open sky. The younger children dance enthusiastically at the minidisco. Want to bet that they will fall asleep blissfully afterwards? Do you have bigger kids? For them many campsites offer cool chill out areas, creative and sports offers. If you want to be swept away by music shows or dance events, you will usually find what you are looking for at Italian campsites, especially in July and August. But also holidaymakers who want to enjoy wellness, peace, or time for themselves will find suitable places - for example inland, in Umbria, in Chianti, or in Lazio just outside Rome.

Short distances, large selection

Many campers travel to Italy in a short time by low-cost flight or train. Most families travel by car to camp in Italy. On motorways you can be speedy at the most 80 mph. You also pay tolls. That amounts to for example for a single journey approximately 30 euro from the burner to Venice or approximately 40 euro into Tuscany. You don't need to bring your own camping equipment with you on your trip to Bella Italia. Because nearly all Italian camping site sets on the vacation tend to rent camping and Glamping (glamorous camping) equipment. The offer reaches from stylish mobile homes and holiday houses on camping sites in Italy up to old school safari tents and Lodges. Look forward to this unique mixture of camping flair and luxury . You'll be staying in comfortable beds, have your own kitchen and bathroom in most accommodations!

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