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How to reach


Of course you can call us: +31 74 85 39 863


You can reach us by phone and Whatsapp from Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 16:00.


In the weekend you can mail us at We try to answer your mails within 24 hours.


Camping in times of Covid 19


Camping is one of the safest ways to enjoy your holiday in times of Corona. Campsites are generally spacious and you'll love the outdoors. In the rented accommodation you can prepare your own food so you don't have to go to a restaurant. However, you should bear in mind that there are certain restrictions on the campsite. Everything will be done to make "social distancing" possible. If fewer people are allowed in the swimming pool, the occupancy is lower than normal and the tables in the restaurant are further apart.  You can rest assured that the campsite will do everything possible to ensure that any restrictions for its guests are implemented in such a way as to cause as little inconvenience as possible. Above all, a SAFE holiday!


What general terms and conditions apply to my booking? offers accommodation from different providers. This can be the campsite itself or a tour operator. During the booking process we will clearly indicate which general terms and conditions apply to your booking and will also send you these by email after booking. Of course, our staff are always at your disposal if you have any questions.


Is my booking confirmed immediately?


After your booking you will receive an email from us confirming that we have received your booking correctly. With most of our partners we have links so we always offer current prices and availabilities. There are a number of manual processes we have to go through after your booking. For example, most providers and campsites do not accept groups of young people. We check this manually. We have also included a number of partners with great campsites with which we do not have a direct link and prefer to double check availability before sending you a definitive confirmation.


As soon as you receive the definite confirmation from us, with the invoice included, your booking is officially confirmed and the fun can begin!


What inventory is available in my rental property?


In most rental properties you will find a standard inventory. This includes cutlery, glasses, plates, pans, blankets, duvets and furniture. However, there are differences between the Netherlands and Belgium and other southern European countries. There is usually no cheese slicer, for example. We try to give as complete information as possible about the inventory on our website.


After booking you will also receive a handy checklist of what to bring with you on holiday so that you don't forget!


Does the accommodation I have booked look exactly the same as on your website?


As far as appearance is concerned, yes and also as far as the facilities we mention on our website are concerned. Often accommodation pictures are used which are taken at other campsites than the one you want to book. This is why the accommodation photos should always be regarded as "examples". For example, they may differ in colour or location and environment. 


Why do I have to pay a deposit?


In many campsites you pay a deposit for your rental accommodation on arrival. This is usually payable in cash, by credit card or cheque. The deposit will be returned to you on departure, once the accommodation has been delivered properly. There are a number of campsites that will transfer this amount to you after departure. If you do not deliver the accommodation correctly, the campsite may use part or all of the deposit to repair any damage.


What extras can I book?


During the booking process we offer you the possibility to book extras. These can be different for each campsite and depend on the possibilities offered by the campsite. 


Are towels available?


Towels, tea towels and bed linen are only included if we explicitly mention this. If this is not the case, you must bring your own. In many cases we offer you the possibility of renting towels and bed linen for the duration of your stay. These can be found under „extras".


What to do if you have a complaint?


We do everything we can to give you an unforgettable holiday. In the unlikely event that you do have a complaint, we ask you to make it directly to the campsite reception or the tour operator so that we can try to resolve it directly. Complaints about the campsite or the stay that have not been made on the spot can unfortunately not be dealt with. If you have a complaint about our services, you can contact us via the contact form or by email at You will receive a response from us within 14 days after receipt of the calf.


In accordance with § 36 VSBG, we point out that we do not participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration board.


Right of withdrawal


The right of withdrawal does not apply to all services of CampGo. Services relating to accommodation to be provided on a specific date or during a specific period are excluded from the right of withdrawal. We always give you 48 hours after booking for a no-cost cancellation. Thereafter, our general terms and conditions take effect.


How can I pay for my holiday?


We offer you the option of paying for your holiday with your credit card or on account. 


On account: after booking you will receive an email with our bank details. You then have 5 days to transfer your deposit. We will send you a reminder by e-mail 7 days before the balance has to be paid.


Credit card: You can also easily pay for your holiday with your credit card. The deposit will then be paid immediately. You can give us permission to debit the balance from your credit card on the indicated date or choose to pay it yourself by bank transfer. 


If you book your holiday within 42 days prior to arrival, the amount due is to be paid at once.

  Carefree and secure booking
   Low price guarantee (1)