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Camping with children

Going camping with a baby or toddler? Without stress, but with lots of relaxation? For children and parents... It's perfectly possible, even if you're not a camper with top equipment. Simply rent comfortable accommodation. For families with very young holidaymakers, we recommend a mobile home. You'll have your own bathroom with shower/WC and cosy beds in the parents' bedroom and the children's room. You don't need to set up anything yourself - just book, arrive and enjoy! Many providers will also provide you with a baby cot, high chair or playpen free of charge or at a reduced price (see camping and accommodation descriptions). Some mobile home providers have even developed particularly child-friendly camping bungalows - for example with a bed rail, changing mat or table, bottle warmer and a gate that closes the large wooden veranda in a child-proof way. So your little one can play on the veranda while you enjoy a bit of peace and quiet on the comfortable garden furniture next to it. If you're heading to the sunny south, a mobile home, bungalow or chalet with air-conditioning is also recommended so that baby can enjoy his well-deserved nap in pleasant temperatures.

What else speaks in favour of a holiday with a toddler at a campsite?

  • The atmosphere and surroundings: instead of strolling through a hotel corridor or a lonely holiday home settlement with a pram or holding hands, you walk right into the middle of life with your youngest: You go on a journey of discovery together: on the campsite, which is often overgrown with grass, directly into the greenery, perhaps to the campsite neighbours who also have small children...
  • ... and of course to the playground. Large campsites often have playgrounds that are specially designed for the little ones. With mini playground equipment on which even the little ones can slide and clamber. With a sandpit and a soft surface made of sand or special mats - it doesn't hurt if the little ones tumble around in their excitement. Some playgrounds in the Mediterranean south are also covered with a large shade roof. Often there is a café bar right next to it, so you can keep an eye on your children while you enjoy a cappuccino and the like.
  • Also important: a pool area with a separate toddler and baby area or extra pools for the very young (for example 20-30 centimetres deep). Colourful mini-slides, cute, water-spouting animal figures for riding, small water cannons or bubble mushrooms make children's hearts beat faster.
  • If your campsite of choice is also located on a child-safe beach, your holiday happiness is almost perfect. Of course, it should slope gently into the water and offer fine sand. So you can dig and swim with your little ones!
  • Short journey? That's a matter of taste. If you or your children don't like to sit in the car for a long time, you're sure to find a campsite for holidays with babies or toddlers near you. If it takes 2-3 hours to get there, you can try out camping fun with a toddler on a short trip.

One of the most important factors for holiday fun and holiday funds - the travel time

Most parents with very young children take advantage of the favourable opportunity to travel outside the school holidays. Not only are prices much lower then, but the motorways are usually emptier. The camping parks are not as crowded yet either. So in the low season, you can also choose large campsites with great pool facilities that might be too restless in July/August. There is also the question of the weather, especially if you decide to go camping with a toddler in Italy, France, Croatia or Spain: In May, June or September, the climate is often pleasantly mild and not as hot as in the summer holidays.

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