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Information about COVID 19

CampGo Covid Guarantee!

The Corona virus has had a major impact on our travel freedom over the past two years. The travel restrictions imposed by the government made a holiday partly impossible. Fortunately, the expectations for 2023 are very positive! The borders are open and with a valid test or QR code, the most important camping countries can be reached without having to go into quarantine! Campsites and tour operators are doing everything they can to reduce the risks and ensure you have an unforgettable holiday.

But what if the situation changes again? That's what we at CampGo have come up with! To make sure that you can book your holiday with peace of mind, CampGo and its partners have adapted the booking conditions to the current circumstances. 

Is the booked campsite no longer accessible due to official decisions (Covid-19)? Are there travel restrictions in your home town / home country? Are the borders between your home country and the country of the reserved campsite closed? If official requirements make it impossible to reach your destination until one day before arrival (quarantine excluded), you are entitled to a full refund of the booking price.

Information on the status of the Corona virus abroad can be found on the following websites:

To ensure that you can book your holiday with peace of mind, we at CampGo and our partners have adapted the booking conditions to the current circumstances.

During the booking process, we clearly state who the accommodation provider is and what conditions apply to your booking!

Before you start your holiday, you should check which guidelines apply in your holiday country:

If you still have questions, we are available to help you with your booking by phone or email!

Can I book my holiday without risk?

Yes, we assume that in 2022 we will all be able to enjoy wonderful holidays again! Besides the normal cancellation conditions we have our Covid Guarantee whereby you can cancel your trip free of charge if there is a negative travel advice 6 to 2 weeks before arrival!

Is a camping holiday safe?

Yes, camping holidays are currently one of the safest ways to travel. You have your own accommodation with plenty of space around it. You are outside in the fresh air and most accommodation has its own sanitary facilities.

Can I cancel my holiday free of charge if there is a negative travel advice in force?

Yes, you can. In this case you can cancel free of charge within 6 to 2 weeks in advance. CampGo will not issue any vouchers, but will simply refund your money!

Can I cancel my holiday for personal reasons?

Yes, but our general cancellation conditions apply. You will find details of which cancellation policies apply in each accommodation!

What happens to my holiday if a family member or I have to go into quarantine?

In this case our Covid Guarantee does not apply, but you can take out your own private cancellation insurance, but make sure that Covid is included.

What measures does the campsite take to ensure safety?

Every campsite has its own policy, you can find information about this on the website of the campsite. As the legislation is now very clear you may assume that all the campsites you can book at CampGo will strive for maximum safety!

Will there be restrictions at my campsite because of Covid?

From the experience of the past years we can already say that the expected measures will not or hardly influence your holiday fun. All campsites are perfectly prepared. You have to take into account for example distance rules and the bathing cap is currently obligatory in Italy. The measures will be clearly communicated at the campsite.

Do I need a negative PCR test or vaccination certificate for my holiday?

Each country has its own rules. A vaccination certificate is sufficient for most countries. If you have not been vaccinated, some countries require a test (rapid test and/or PCR). It happens that you also have to register. The forms for this can be downloaded online. After booking, we will also provide you with this link for the holiday country concerned.

What happens if a traveller has to go to Quran after a positive Covid 19 test?

In general, each campsite has worked out a policy with the local authorities for this eventuality. Please follow the instructions given to you.

Will CampGo inform me if there is a travel warning for my destination?

We try to update all information constantly, but due to the number of daily changes there can be delays. Please use the links on our website and the official authorities to stay up to date.

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