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Campsite in the Ardèche

A campsite in the Ardèche is a very popular holiday destination. Canoeing under the Pont dArc is a once in a lifetime experience. Check out our wide range of campsites near Ruoms and Vallon Pont dArc for your active camping holiday!

For active holidays with the whole family - campsite in the Ardèche

Along the Ardèche you can swim, canoe, play by the river, hike, mountain bike or relax. Or you can explore colourful weekly markets, go out for delicious food and drinks, discover quaint villages and towns. Look forward to 4 and 5 star campsites with luxury accommodation and water slides - family-friendly camping on the Ardèche, that's typical CampGo! The department of Ardèche and the river of the same name offer holidaymakers a natural landscape that is unparalleled in Europe.

The Ardèche is a paradise for paddlers, climbers and nature lovers

The north of the Ardèche region is dominated by mountain ranges. In the south you will find the picturesque river valley, the Gorges de l'Ardèche. The valley with its towering limestone cliffs was formed over hundreds of millions of years. Many parts are protected nature reserves. Along and in the Ardèche valley, motorists, hikers and mountain bikers can reach numerous viewpoints. Some villages and historic fortresses line the river. In some places there are rapids. In other sections, the Ardèche flows along in a "South of France" manner.

Relaxing and swimming with the family on the Ardèche river beach

Bizarre rocks alternate with river beaches with fine pebbles. In the calm side waters, you can carefully go for a swim with a landing net, a small boat or an inflatable animal. Or you can build a small dam out of branches and stones with your children. After a refreshing swim in the river, it's a relief to relax on a bath towel on sun-warmed pebbles.

Kayaking under the Pont d'Arc

The Pont d'Arc is the region's landmark: the rock bridge sculpted by the forces of nature spans the river spectacularly at Vallon Pont d'Arc. Kayakers, rafting fans, hikers, cyclists, sun worshippers, river bathers and onlookers all meet here.

The Grottes de Chauvet near Vallon-Pont-d'Arc

With its prehistoric paintings, the Chauvet Cave near Vallon-Pont-d'Arc is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rock paintings as large as a cinema screen show cave bears, giant deer and hundreds of other animals. The cave with its paintings worthy of protection is only accessible to selected researchers. But three kilometres away you will find an elaborate replica, which is worth a visit for young and old alike!

Stroll, marvel, feast - pure joie de vivre at a weekly market in Ardèche

Because so many experiences whet your appetite, it's worth visiting the local weekly markets. Your campsite in the Ardèche will be able to tell you when and where the markets are. Nut or chestnut specialities, finely spiced salamis, fish, game, honey, jams, wines from the Côtes du Vivarais - regional products are offered almost everywhere. A stroll through the picturesque villages of the region rounds off a perfect day on the Ardèche. For example, visit Aubenas with the Château de Montlaur or the tiny village of Balazuc, perched on rocks high above the Ardèche.

Glamping on a 5-star campsite on the Ardèche

Many French, Dutch, British and German guests are drawn to the Ardèche. Not only canoeists and other outdoor sports enthusiasts, but also many families love the magnificent natural and cultural landscape. The many 4-star and 5-star campsites on the Ardèche are of top quality. You can look forward to pure relaxation, a variety of swimming pools, water slides, canoe or mountain bike rental, climbing, rafting or canyoning offers, gastronomy, family entertainment and more.

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