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Glamorous camping - GLAMPING, large ion of luxury and glamping campsites

What is glamping? Glamourous camping!

Not an advertising neologism, but a trend from the English-speaking world.

How did glamping come about?

Camping and glamping scholars are not in agreement. What is certain is that British explorers already attached importance to style and comfort when they camped in the African savannah, for example... In our time, the English music festival Glastonbury is considered a cradle of glamping: rock stars wanted to camp in a festival-like manner, but had luxury tents erected for this purpose. Other glamping inventors contributed their visions and ideas - especially at campgrounds in Great Britain, America, Australia and South Africa. A short time later, resourceful Dutchmen developed the idea further with glamping accommodations on European campgrounds.

Are there clear criteria for glamping?

No. Definitions are attempted again and again. But glamping also stands for a very subjective feeling - for very personal outdoor fun in a stylish ambience.

Glamping is camping with style. But also with a lot of nature around it, with or without camping flair. Purists want their glamping accommodation secluded in the forest or on a mountain peak; families and normal holidaymakers become outdoor holidaymakers with glamping tents on campsites. My suggestion: Make up your own mind! Choose an accommodation that suits you, that offers the desired comfort Try it out!

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